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25 maart 2024

PowerPulse news


PowerPulse stars in Kanaal Z-report on SCATE4SME

Our economy is undergoing a transition towards climate neutrality; however, SMEs are encountering challenges in effectively measuring and reducing their carbon emissions.

In SCATE4SME ("Smart Carbon Attrition Technology for SME"), PowerPulse, in collaboration with Carbon+Alt+Delete and Scone, has developed a software tool to assist SMEs in making informed decisions. Our goal is to build knowledge of optimal data-driven strategies for inventorying and reducing greenhouse gases in the Flemish SME sector.

The tool includes three steps:
- Footprinting: Providing insights into the carbon footprint.
- Benchmarking: Comparing with other companies to assess performance.
- Advisory: Offering tailored advice to lower the footprint and achieve 2030 goals.

Watch the full video for more insights.

Thanks to the support of VLAIO - Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Flux50 | Flanders' FOOD

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Katrien Even as one of the exclusive speakers on the RMI Conference in Rome

From 5 to 8 March, the worldwide supply chain for brewing, malt, and distilling products and services gathered in Rome for the 12th edition of the RMI Conference. For a worldwide audience of industry leaders in the beer industry, Katrien Even brought more insight into the current energy market developments, opportunities in PPA, and obligations in sustainable reporting.

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Expert session for energy managers by Benoit Matthys

On 21 February, VOKA organised an expertise session for experienced energy managers at Consultes in Zwevegem. Benoit Matthys was invited to give his view on the current and future evolution of energy market prices, green electricity and the non-commodity cost drivers.

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