We guide you through the energy transition

Energy-intensive companies face major challenges. Traditional energy sources are becoming scarcer and more expensive. At the same time, new energy sources are often still unknown territory. In a rapidly changing world, characterized by an energy market in full transition, PowerPulse believes that all actors on the energy market should better integrate into the system and wants to bring you closer to the energy system.

As an independent partner, we develop and proactively monitor a cost-efficient energy management strategy, design and implement efficiency-enhancing projects from a market point of view and to help to develop a corporate climate strategy that will make a real difference for you and the environment.

The energy market is fastly opening up to new players, both on the energy consumption and production side. PowerPulse is helping anyone that wants to play a more active role in the energy system. Through our long-term power modelling, we guide policy makers and power producers in the complex energy market so they can test the robustness of their decisions in a range of regulatory and market scenarios.

Based on our techno-economic expertise, we strive to give neutral and tangible advice tailored to the client's needs and its corporate philosophy. Backed by objective forecasting models, for a solid outcome with a guaranteed financial impact. Supported by smooth and transparent communication, with clear and personalised reports.


Your energy experts

In 2014, Katrien Even, Benoit Matthys and Laurenz Van Daele joined their broad techno-economic expertise and experience in the foundation of PowerPulse. Today, the team has grown into a diverse mix of dedicated people, with previous work experience in the full value chain of the power and gas industries.

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Katrien Even


+32 471 627 994 katrien.even@power-pulse.be

Katrien is specialized in large industries project management. She helps clients sign energy contracts best suited to their consumption profile. Her thorough understanding of non-commodity elements that impact energy bills helps Katrien give market advice.

She draws experience from working as managing director at E.ON and being key account manager at Thenergo.

Benoit Matthys PowerPulse

Benoit Matthys


+32 474 856 638 benoit.matthys@power-pulse.be

Benoit works in business development, in which he helps mid-sized industrial consumers to save energy costs by choosing the best contractual structure for each customer profile. To do so, Benoit supports clients on a day-to-day basis by giving market advice and identifying cost savings on non-commodity-related elements in energy bills.

He draws experience from working as Sales & Operations Manager at E.ON and Key Account manager at Intrum.

Laurenz Power Pulse

Laurenz Van Daele


+32 477 999 829 laurenz.van.daele@power-pulse.be

Laurenz works as an energy economist. He helps clients better understand the drivers behind forward, spot and intraday markets. Furthermore, he supports clients by identifying market trends that reduce commodity costs. In addition, Laurenz is active in modelling long-term demand and energy prices.

He draws experience from analyzing Western European power markets at McKinsey & Company and doing strategy at E.ON.

Yannick Power Pulse

Yannick Rotsaert

Business energy consultant

+32 472 708 406 yannick.rotsaert@power-pulse.be

As a business energy consultant, Yannick supports industrial consumers to save energy costs. He closely works together with his clients to identify energy cost reductions. In order to achieve that, Yannick creates an energy purchasing strategy which is tailor-made for each client’s specific consumption profile and risk requirements.

Furthermore, Yannick has developed a strong expertise in the natural gas market. He is the specialist in this domain within PowerPulse.

Yannick draws experience from working at E.ON, an energy supplier, for five years.

Scott Power Pulse

Scott Van Wetter

Techno-economic energy expert

+32 473 452 504 scott.van.wetter@power-pulse.be

Scott is active in business services. He analyses clients’ installations to optimise the overall energy cost and integration of generation assets in balancing markets to increase economic efficiency.

He draws experience from his thesis as an Industrial Engineer in Energy handling the optimisation of combined heat and power installations through the use of data-driven modelling techniques and developing algorithms to maximize profit.

Cédric Power Pulse

Cédric Peeraer

Business energy consultant

+32 474 674 669 cedric.peeraer@power-pulse.be

Cédric is active as a business energy consultant to simultaneously minimize clients’ energy costs while maximizing their energy assets.

He analyses the client’s specific energy consumption profile and assesses it from a technical and economic point of view, to reduce commodity costs and increase energy return.

Cédric has a background in business engineering and did his thesis in the techno-economic assessment of carbon capture and utilization technology, coupled with an internship at VITO.

In addition to these studies, Cédric also graduated from Antwerp Management School.

Jan Power Pulse

Jan Gilot

Techno-economic energy expert

+32 498 722 882 jan.gilot@power-pulse.be

As a business energy consultant, Jan is dedicated to improving a company’s sustainability, with technical and economic assistance on both on/off-site feasibility and implementation of renewable energy. He develops carbon reduction roadmaps including traditional and innovative technologies.

Jan has a background in solar cell technology. Most recently, he worked for four years at the cluster organisation for the energy sector in Flanders (Flux50), specialising in innovation projects on microgrids and heat.

Matthias Power Pulse

Matthias Snoeck

Business energy consultant

+32 469 168 909 matthias.snoeck@power-pulse.be

As a business energy consultant, Matthias supports industrial consumers to set up risk strategies and identify cost reductions in energy purchasing. Together with his clients, he sets up energy purchasing strategies which are tailor-made for each specific consumption profile and risk requirements.

Matthias is an expert in risk and budget management. Moreover, he is specialized in regulatory evolutions in Belgium and Europe. He has seven years of experience in energy consultancy. Before that, Matthias was active in the commercial department of a power supplier.

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Pietjan De Brouwer

Business energy consultant

+32 468 243 383 pietjan.de.brouwer@power-pulse.be

Pietjan operates as a business energy consultant, serving clients with timely insights into the dynamic energy markets, along with an understanding of the global elements influencing them. Leveraging this expertise he develops tailored purchasing strategies, enabling his clients to optimize energy costs and ensuring they remain competitive in an increasingly demanding landscape.

As a graduate in Applied Economics, Pietjan finished a thesis on the ramifications of shale gas exploitation on its stakeholders. This solid economic foundation is complemented by his extensive background in trading, providing a robust platform for his consulting role and his commitment to empower businesses navigating the energy sector.

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Matthijs Van Boxel

Business energy consultant

+32 471 373 035 matthijs.van.boxel@power-pulse.be

As a business energy consultant, Matthijs supports industrial consumers to guide them through the complex energy transition by helping them to get to know their energy profile, setting up risk strategies and identifying cost reductions in energy purchasing. Together with his clients, he sets up energy purchasing strategies which are tailor-made for each specific consumption profile and risk requirements.

Matthijs is an expert in the power and gas markets. He has six years of experience in energy consultancy, executing projects at different parties in the energy market ranging from suppliers to DSO’s and TSO’s. He holds a Master of Business Engineering.

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Sander Dedecker

Techno-economic energy expert

+32 468 015 801 sander.dedecker@power-pulse.be

Sander is active in business services. He examines the client's current and potential assets to enhance cost efficiency and exploit opportunities.

Sander has a background in hybrid system simulation and data analysis in automotive R&D. He leverages his background to create data-enhanced models and perform in-depth analyses.


Igor Maiorov

Techno-economic energy expert

+32 468 587 483 igor.maiorov@power-pulse.be

Igor draws his experience from project development in PV, ranging from feasibility analysis to operations management and production modelling. His experience also includes a number of turnkey projects in battery storage use for peak shaving of volatile producers.

In addition, he wrote his thesis on the comparison of statistical and machine learning models for forecasting FCR prices in Belgium and Germany.


Margot Voordeckers

Business Energy Consultant

As a business energy consultant, Margot is dedicated to helping industrial companies address the increased complexity of the energy market. Margot supports her clients by setting up energy procurement strategies tailored to the client’s consumption profile & risk requirements and provides insights into the global elements affecting energy markets.

Margot holds two Master degrees from KU Leuven in Business Economics. A master’s in International Business, Strategy & Innovation and a master’s in Entrepreneurship. Margot has a great interest in energy market dynamics and the economic effect of geopolitical events. Her thesis analysed the economic effect of international targeted sanctions with the case study of Russia from 2014–2019.

PowerPulse is growing and always on the look-out for dedicated people with a passion for energy. Are you interested to join our team of energy experts?

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