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Corporate climate strategy

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Put climate on the agenda

In order to meet your corporate climate goals and consumers' increasing expectations about sustainability, PowerPulse guides you through the setup and implementation of your corporate climate strategy by researching potential short- and long-term power consumption optimizations in the broadest sense.

This way, as an energy-intensive or production company, you can make a real impact on the EU's aim to be climate-neutral by 2050.

Corporate CO2 emission assessment, goal definition and follow-up.


Setup of a global roadmap to meet your climate goals.


Pragmatic and economic approach, according to your corporate philosophy.

PowerPulse corporate climate strategy meeting

PPA setup

PowerPulse is broadly experienced in setting up PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement) at the level of solar PV, onshore wind and offshore wind.

Let's discuss your corporate climate strategy.

Rely on our techno-economic expertise to pragmatically elaborate a long-term and well thought-out corporate climate strategy, according to your corporate philosophy.

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Asset optimization projects

Energy management strategy

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