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Energy management strategy

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What's your energy cost saving potential?

Research shows that energy consumption represents one of the three main expenses for many (production) companies. Nevertheless, company leaders lack time to dive deeply in energy management and so, large cost saving potential often stays under the radar. Backed by objective forecasting models, PowerPulse uncovers how you can reduce energy costs with a guaranteed financial impact in the long term.

Start with an Energy Health Check

During our Energy Health Check, we zoom in on your current situation by mapping the potential cost savings for your main cost drivers: processes, contract framework and energy sources.

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Energy costs can be controlled driven by your processes, particularly impacting grid and tariff costs.


We investigate what type of contract best fits your unique consumption profile.


We bring you closer to the energy market and source energy with a well-considered strategy to reduce risks and costs.

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Day-to-day energy management

If the Energy Health Check shows adequate potential to save on energy costs, we develop and proactively monitor a cost-efficient energy management strategy. Today, we service an international customer portfolio who together represent a consumption of XX TWh.

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Energy market intelligence

Via energy market intelligence, we gain real-time insights in the behaviour of prices in the energy market. Through our predictive modeling and the trends deduced from these, we can predict how the energy market will impact your organization and offer you the right advice to take informed decisions.

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From cost-efficient to pioneering strategy

Managing your energy on a daily basis enables us to gain new insights and to support you in a variety of asset optimization projects or in elaborating a corporate climate strategy, tailored to your corporate philosophy.

Let's bring you closer to the energy system.

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Asset optimization projects

Corporate climate strategy

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